The Overly Emotional Child Documentary: A Mini-Course For Parents

by Phil Weaver
Submitted Nov. 11, 2020
(Jackson, CA, USA)


This documentary helps parents understand big childhood emotions and behavior.

It is essentially a mini-course for parents. It helps parents unwind the relationship between their own emotions and those of their children.

Giving parents solid solutions for helping children get out of control emotions under control.

Parents will learn to raise more emotionally intelligent children. They will learn the underpinnings of establishing good behavior in children. And they will do it with ease.

Learning this creates the possibility of a better future for everyone.

Parents will be happier and more satisfied. Children will be more confident and learn about their own emotions. And the effect will last for generations to come.

Production Notes

This film was produced during the quarantine.

The cast was sent questions to answer. They filmed themselves with what they had available and sent the footage. This made editing challenging as there was no guidance during filming.

Problems were getting them to lead into answers properly.

Color correction was challenging because of the variety of cameras and conditions.

Audio required a great deal of work. But it was doable. Just many more hours spent in editing.

Documentary Summary

Topics covered are:

*Understanding the relationship between parent and child emotions

*Interpreting the meaning behind childhood emotions

*Becoming aware of our own emotions

*Modeling emotions so that children can learn about their own emotions

*Calming down

*Mind-body relationship to emotions

*How the primal brain triggers emotions and what to do about it

*Understanding behavior patterns and how to correct them

Our Goal For The Documentary

Parents who go down this path will have the skills they need to greatly influence their children's psychological development. Raising more secure, more emotionally stable, more confident, and better-behaved children.

We hope that this documentary helps many parents.

Why This Documentary?

The idea for this documentary came from our 20 years of running a kung fu school and 10 years of running an educational therapy company.

Over the years we have help thousands of children overcome learning challenges.

During this, we realized that one of the most important aspects of overcoming learning challenges was to first overcome the emotional response to those challenges and then build confidence.

Many children would seemingly just spontaneously begin to thrive at school and at home. Their behavior changed for the better. They became happier.

And parents continually asked us what we were doing.

We did not tutor yet these kids went from failing school to performing well in school.

We realized that parents had a very hard time understanding that much of it had to do with the child having a secure base.

Someone who would understand that they felt bad but not give in to it.

Parents naturally wanted to react to emotions. When instead it was much better to become an emotional leader that the child could model.

We've since committed to helping parents with this and this documentary is a part of those efforts.

Documentary Bonuses!

To further this cause we have made helpful bonuses available.

After watching the documentary, parents can receive these bonuses by going to:

They will need the code presented at the end of the documentary to get in.

The bonuses help parents to continue to get a deeper understanding of the subject and also cover many aspects that we were not able to include in the documentary.

Info on the film and the cast and where to watch can be found at:

"The Overly Emotional Child - Documentary"

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