The Staircase Documentary Review

by James
(Stockport England)

The staircase is a compelling Netflix original which has had me hooked since the first five minutes, as the opening episodes unfold I personally found that I myself believed that Micheal was a guilty man.

As the story unfolds and we see more of the scientific evidence blood analysis results several "experts" opinions and beliefs of how this "murder/accident" could have occurred, I am on the fence, I believed that the defense attorneys story was that of a man who was fairly sure but not 100 percent certain he was defending an innocent man and what initially seemed as well scripted well rehearsed lines upon further watching I am not so sure.

However watching more episodes and hearing the district attorneys and several other co workers or as he would have you believe un- biased experts it does not take a professional to see how fabricated and fictionalised all of the stories begin to sound.

On several occasions we see them refer to a self proclaimed "expert" which I believe heavily swayed the juries decision massively, we later discover that this "expert" was in fact a bigger liar than when the Germans lead Jews to the gas chambers.

To my knowledge I have never watched a documentary where the accused holds himself so well and calmly throughout every fabricated story, exaggerated circumstances and accusations thrown at him, I personally believe that if this man is guilty of this crime he deserves an oscar for best actor.

The plot thickens as mystery disappearances of "murder weapons" accusations of acted phone calls to 911 and an investigation of a case 18 years prior which had no real relevance other than the fact that Micheal was present at the scene after along with several other witnesses.

The nature of this documentary and its perspective have made it a very interesting watch thus far and as this review leaves so many questions unanswered if you watch the staircase you will find yourself in the same situation at the end of each episode. Upon finishing this documentary I will attempt my second ever review thanks for reading if you have and I highly recommend documentary lovers to watch this.

If you can leave feedback i would appreciate it, although this is not a thorough review it is a brief passage of what I have in my head but just simply don't currently have the confidence to write as this is new to me thank you.

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Aug 08, 2018
My rating
by: James

I give this documentary a 5 star rating.

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