The Yes Men Fix the World | Documentary Review

by Micah
(Georgia USA)

Wow! What an undertaking to make this film. It's a bit of The Colbert Report mixed with Exit Through the Gift Shop with a touch of Occupy to round it out.

These guys, the Yes Men, are on a mission to fix the world by tricking and hoaxing media, government and corporations to make their points. Whether acting as the spokesperson for a global organization or acting as government officials, the Yes Men perform, in character, to highlight actions they feel are wrong. How they didn't get sued into oblivion is beyond me. They must have a great legal team because impersonating corporate officials and corporate spokesmen on an international stage seems like a great way to go to jail or at a minimum, loose everything you have. I assume they are not in jail now.

The Yes Men are out to fix the world and with this film will make great strides to encourage others to make this world what it should be. They are inspirational, to me at least, because they were nervous before they performed each stunt. And even though they were nervous, they moved forward anyway because they felt that what they were doing was going to have a positive community outcome. These aren't actors feeding their egos by showing their acting chops. These are real people doing what they can in their own way to make the world better.

This was a well produced and directed film. The broll and stylistic aspects of The Yes Men Fix the World made for great story telling. This is not a film produced by two people on a shoestring budget. Just one of their hoaxes alone would be enough to bankrupt many smaller, independent filmmakers.

Great film. The Yes Men Fix the World

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Jan 22, 2012
well done
by: Micah

I rate this documentary four stars.. fun, well produced, well thought-out.

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