They Come To America: The Cost Of Illegal Immigration | Documentary Review

by Victoria

America; Home of the Brave… Provider of All.
Documentary Review of They Come to America (a film by Dennis Michael Lynch).

You’re going out to lunch with your grandfather today, nothing too fancy, he’s a simple man. You can just about predict what the conversation will be like: briefly talking about how school or work is going, how your sister likes living in New York City and how exciting your parents’ vacation to Aruba was.

The remainder of the meal will be spent listening to your grandfather reminisce about the good ole’ days. You’ve heard the stories a million times and start to grow tired of them, but always compare each aspect of the stories to your own life and how they differ to the ways things currently are.

When he was growing up, there was an enthusiasm and great sense of pride in being an American. Being able to give back what America has given us all, through work, military service, and support was something to be proud of. But today, that sense of pride and desire to better America is slowly disappearing as more illegal immigrants are permitted to stay in America, work and receive benefits without giving anything back to our country besides their labor.

Back then, illegal immigration wasn’t an issue like it is today. When, during these past few decades, did it become okay for illegal immigrants to come to our country, work, and receive benefits with no money lost from their own pockets? Why is it necessary for English speaking Americans to know Spanish in order to get a job, or even keep their job? Dennis Lynch’s documentary, “They Come To America” addresses these issues as well as relating issues of illegal immigration in the US.

His documentary provides an authentic insight on the negative impact of illegal immigration on American citizens and the country as a whole. One main point introduced is the thousands of jobs being offered to illegal aliens for cheap wages because they are free from paying taxes and insurance.

The documentary includes an interview of two illegal immigrants admitting that they realize they are taking away jobs from American citizens due to the fact that they don’t need to be paid as much as Americans to survive in the United States. This backwards system is what drives people from other countries to migrate to America and suck out our resources without making any contributions.

Out of fear of being called racist or heartless, many Americans avoid or talk lightly about the subject of illegal immigration. But in truth, it is not a matter of racism or heartlessness, but a matter of what is best for Americans and the state of our country.

It is unfair to American citizens to label them for wanting the best for themselves, their families and their country. When will the name-calling seize and a realization of the harm illegal immigration causes on our country come into light.

Lynch raises questions in his documentary about the reality of illegal immigration in the US, rather than the overused insults of American discrimination and mercilessness toward illegal immigrants.

If you are an American concerned about the current economy and future of America, I recommend you take the time to watch “They Come To America”.

Our country is succumbing to the pitiful stories of illegal immigrants rather than those of our own citizens. This documentary will voice the unheard stories of Americans who are suffering due to illegal immigration in our country.

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Mar 20, 2019
But where will America go?
by: Site Visitor

I think the facts speak for themselves. He uses a lot of experts with cold numbers to show that both large numbers of legals and even larger illegals are creating drug trade, gangs, human trafficking, and violence. NOT all but shouldn't we be aiming for ZERO? The next 20-30 years will have the consequences of raising taxes drastically to care for a largely unskilled and uneducated illegal community but their children will vote for the party that keeps promising free stuff. That is to be expected! I would too. But the money has to come from somewhere. In 30 years there won't be much class left except varying degrees of poor and rich. It's just impossible for it not to be that way given the facts, which is what he shows.

Oct 22, 2018
Have we forgotten "we the People"?
by: Visitor

There is a federal program called P3. Under this program if a woman or child fears for his or her or life she or would be able to come to the United State as a refugee. How many people does this program cover? 700 Million people. It sounds nice but when did we as a nation end looking out for our own.
Where do we draw the line?

Apr 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

I don't know what might be more ignorant, the documentary on 2... I REPEAT 2 sources, or the author who sounds like she's stating her own personal racisms comments in the form of a "review".

Sep 02, 2013
Are You Kidding?
by: Don

It is illegal to be in America, unless you have come through the proper channels. Is that to hard for anyone to understand, if it is,the key word is "ILLEGAL". Our police forces in this country are sworn to uphold and enforce all the laws, so why not check for papers and arrest illegals? We have enough Border Patrol Agents to put one agent every one hundred yards on the northern and southern borders, for three shifts of eight hours each and everyday. Use the military along those borders to be a rapid response team for dangerous encounters.
Give the agents maximum fire power weapons and the best equipment available. Also let it be known by loudspeaker and pamphlets we are shooting illegals coming across the border. Sound to mean? well just remember how much illegals cost in schooling and feeding their kids, welfare, medical treatment, for which they use the emergency rooms because they cannot be turned away by law. Maybe that is why seven hospitals closed in southern California, they could not collect on the money owed for services rendered. In short, it cost billions and billions of dollars to support illegals. It is time for America to wake up and realize we can not save everyone, so let's try to save our own first.

Jul 05, 2013
In reply to comment
by: Anonymous

Indeed,they are human beings, but can the USA absorb all of the poor of the world that want to come here and can get here? Do you realize how many poor there are? That is unsustainable! Outside of that, we are leaving our country wide open for those with intent to harm us because there is a refusal to uphold the laws already in place.

Instead, there is an aim for more "free-for-all" as seems the intent of the present argument with comprehensive immigration aka amnesty. We are a sovereign nation, and as such, we have the right to decide what is in the best interest of our citizens without the attempt being made to feel as if we are less charitable because we have laws. BTW, the larger beneficiaries are and will continue to be big business! Charity has nothing to do with this!

Dec 04, 2012
by: Linda M.

I have not seen this documentary.. what I do know is that the immigration issue is very complex and we must be very careful not to spread hate and fear. These are human beings who are coming to America because they are starving in their own countries.

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