Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly | Documentary Review

by Camron Thompson
(Georgia USA)

Documentary Review - "Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly"

Review By: Camron Thompson Oct. 14, 2020

Directed by White Trash Tyler
Genre: Documentary, Music
1hr 24m

If you are looking for front row seats to a raging success story look no further.

Travis Scott’s Look Mom I Can Fly documentary tells his story of how he juggles controversy, fatherhood, and career highs while being in the stoplight as he crafts together as some would say one of the best albums of all time. His Rockstar lifestyle will leave you beyond entertained.

As we all may think how well we know the mainstream celebrity Travis Scott, this documentary goes in depth of Travis’s upbringing, passion, and how he got to where he is today.

The producers, Angus Wall and Travis Scott, both did an amazing job in going behind the scenes so that the audience could connect and understand the professional chaos Travis deals with daily.

The documentary digs into the everyday life of a modern-day Rockstar, telling the real life and real time story of Jacques Webster, known as Travis Scott, and his humble beginning in Houston, Texas.

A kid whose love for thrilling rollercoasters now lives a life that is one. His love and passion for music and his city took him far, but his talent and hard work rose him to the top.

As time runs down until his Grammy nominated album, Astroworld, is released, he prepares to make sure his sound is heard by all.

This documentary can be found on Netflix; the initial release date was August 28th, 2019.

Many audience viewers believed that this documentary was flawless on getting a look at Travis’s life and understanding him, but I have mixed feelings.

Although Travis Scott’s "Look Mom I Can Fly" documentary showed Travis as a loving father and hardworking and inspiring musician, it was hard to see where his morals lie and get to know him deep down.

I would have liked to see more of Tavis’s upbringing and what prompted his love for music.

This documentary mostly portrayed the Rockstar lifestyle of Travis while showing his passion and love of music.

The reason why I have mixed feelings is because we did not get to see much of Travis’s personality in depth.

There were multiple times where the film had a chance to do so by going into to the mind of Travis and getting to know him, but they never took advantage of the opportunity.

A couple scenes where they failed in my opinion were with the amount of raging fans claiming that Travis changed their life. I would have loved to know why they felt this way.

But even with my mixed feelings and the lack of getting to know the real Travis, I can say that the rollercoaster of crazy in this documentary was extremely enjoyable to watch.

Also, this documentary took us in and showed us many traits to Travis that you may have never seen otherwise. We were able to see the creative genius side along with his leadership and dedication to his performances and music.

I can say I enjoyed watching this documentary.

It was more than entertaining and a rush to watch.

The unique sound of Travis attracts his audience from all over the world.

The end of this documentary really resonated with me because it showed someone like Travis Scott with all the hard work and dedication that he puts in, that sometimes you do not get everything you want at first. But it is how you respond to the adversity and just because you think you lost; you can turn that into a lesson learned.

Travis gives people hope, spreads happiness, and positive vibes to all.

Overall, I would give this documentary a positive 9/10.

If you were not a fan of Travis Scott before, you will be after watching this exhilarating documentary.

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Oct 14, 2020
More than entertaining
by: Camron Thompson

Rating the doc here: Overall, I would give this documentary a positive 9/10.

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