UFOs: The Secret History | Documentary Review

by Roy B
(Vermont, USA)

I love a good UFO story. And there are a lot of bad UFO stories out there. Many are just rehashed versions of something that someone else has already created. Simply repeating stories from Roswell or interviewing the same people others have interviewed.

But UFOs: The Secret History takes a different approach. Extremely well written with great use of graphics and sound, this documentary attempts and succeeds at covering many aspects of UFO sighting over the years. And I'm not talking about from Roswell to Phoenix. This doc goes back, way back in history to show that throughout time there have always been reports of things flying around in the sky.

Written and narrated with just the right amount of sarcasm and wit, UFOs: The Secret History is engaging, entertaining and educating from beginning to end. As I said, I love a good UFO story and this doc presented a lot of stories that I had never heard of before. The amount of research was impressive. It wasn't just a retelling of facts. The information they gathered was presented from multiple angles putting the viewer on a roller coaster ride. Do these guys believe in UFOs or not? Are they trying to convince me that UFOs are real or are they trying to tell me that I am gullible for believing? The writing had me going back and forth as I watched it. I believe! No wait, UFOs aren't real. Wait, yes they are!

The people they interviewed were also engaging, informed and entertaining. I guess this says a lot about the producers in that they were able to find the best stories to be shared by the best people and they (the producers) were able to get the interviewees to relax on camera and speak freely about their experiences or lack of experiences.

Most of the doc took advantage of the information that is available from modern times using government and scientific studies to give the viewer a wide and in-depth perspective into the secret history of UFOs.

If you like UFOs and like watching UFO stories, don't miss this documentary. It's a fun ride about a subject an intangible subject that could affect everyone on our planet.

UFOs: The Secret History | Documentary Review

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Jun 04, 2021
by: greg caldwell

the conclusion that nothing benefitial would come from contact,to either parties,brought to mind my own conclusions regarding what if the "tic-tac" ufo's were U.S. secret tech in testing.
I came to the conclusion we 'the us govt etc' would feel on the one hand obligated to share unlimited free energy (tic tacs on a gerbil wheel generator) with humankind ,but at the same time know the knowlege would be used for destructive purposes as well as disrupt all forms of economy and power structures in place now with no replacements in sight.
the disruption would be immense.
loved these bright individuals insights.
excellent documentary.

Feb 24, 2021
Excellent Documentary
by: Marc

Without question, the best UFO documentary out there. The narration is rational, playful and understated. Most Alien related themes are slathered in conspiratorial dialogue and ominous music that confuses what is fact and what is drama.
This is not another bunch of filmmakers looking to cash in on a phenomenon with a ready made audience, this film has a genuine love and wonder for UFOs, with interviews and well established data that is presented in a responsible manner. There's also a charming, atomic age nostalgia woven into the movie
Buy this film to support talented people and spread quality knowledge to the general public.

Feb 06, 2012
by: Roy B

I give this documentary 5 out of 5 stars because it is about UFOs. It made me laugh and snark and cringe and it even scared me a bit. It also was so well written. It moved along effortlessly. And that's not an easy thing to do-tell a long story about something so vast without becoming boring or redundant.

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