Welcome To The Last Book Store | Documentary Review

by Tory " Rere" Richardson
(Trenton NJ)

Welcome To The Last Bookstore is a moving yet inspiring documentary that's bound to hit the hearts of millions, shot an filmed in the heart of Los Angeles.

Revolving around a husband and a father (Josh Spencer) owner and operator of the Last book store who a very outgoing active person life was affected in 1996 when he got in an accident while riding his moped making him a paraplegic.

Standing against the fall of bookstores all across of America and the up-rise of E books Josh is determined to make people fall in love with books once more.

What stands apart in the film is his passion for books, and how overcoming obstacles can open doors.

There are scenes that are shot in the film that are focused in on his personal life where he talks about his wife (Hydie) and daughter Eden.

What's appraised in the film is how the director takes notice of how books are a main part in the Spencer's household where there are scenes in the very beginning of the entire bookstore and at their very humble abode and their daughter holding and reading a book in her hand.

Although the film is based upon the birth of an astounding bookstore in Los Angeles, its filled with raw emotion from an all- American audience who identify with being devastated with disaster and overcoming such great challenges and making passions reality.

In the film, Welcome To The Last book Store, we explore the life of a father and husband, small business owner and personally view the affects the Last book Store has on the community.

Welcome To The Last Bookstore | Documentary Short
Director: Chad Howitt

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