What's In My Camera Bag?
Documentary Filmmaker Michael Maroy

Documentary Filmmaker Michael Maroy of Too Real For TV, pulls out his camera bag for a look inside at what he uses to shoot and make his films.

"What's In My Camera Bag?"
Michael Maroy's Video Production Equipment

Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR Cameras

Black Camera Bag

The AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and accessories has room for all your photography and basic filmmaking equipment.

MacBook Pro Laptop 15 inch Retina Display

Apple Mac Book Pro 13"

The Apple Mac Book Pro Laptop (newest version) features 2.4 GHz Core i5 dual-core processor, 256 GB of flash storage, and 8 GB of onboard RAM. Plenty of power to edit video on the go.

LaCie Rugged Hard Drive

This particular LaCie Rugged Hard Drive has 500 GB storage capacity (also available in 1TB). It has one USB port and two Firewire 800 ports.  An excellent choice for shooting on the run.

Canon EOS 7D

Great for photography and video, the Canon 7D has a 18.0-megapixel Sensor and advanced HD movie mode for capturing high quality images.  Won't lose quality if the image needs cropping.

Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens

The Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Standard Zoom Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras.

Canon 40mm Lens

Canon 40mm Lens

The ultra slim Canon 40mm Lens "pancake lens" good for shooting up close, short distances.  Great for interviews and capturing everything in the scene.

LED CI-160 Dimmable Panel Camera Light

LED Dimmable Panel Video Light

The LED CI-160 Dimmable Panel Digital Camera/ Camcorder Video Light is perfect for on-the-go   documentary and video shooting.  The dimming feature is particularly helpful to control the light output.

Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip

Canon Battery Grip for EOS 7D

Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip for the EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera.  Gives you extra battery power on a long shoot.

"Equipment is cool, but nothing replaces creativity."
                         - Michael Maroy

Interview With Michael Maroy

Here's an interview with Michael Maroy about his work as a documentary filmmaker and what it means to him.  The interview was done for the All Grown Up Pictures Blog.  

About Michael Maroy

Michael Maroy

Michael Maroy is a Las Vegas-based documentary filmmaker and owner of Too Real for TV. He's produced 10 documentaries including CERTIFIED, Cross Country Pimping (4-part series), Best of Both Worlds, Zero to Sixty, World Famous Players Ball and Down South Players.  

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