Whicker's World Film and TV Funding Award | Documentary Film Grant

by Wicker's World Foundation
(London, England UK)

Grant Amount: £80,000 and £15,000

The Film and TV Funding Award is awarded annually to an emerging filmmaker from anywhere in the world with the most promising pitch for a director-led documentary which fulfills the core criteria detailed below.

The main award is worth £80,000 with a runner-up contribution of £15,000.

The Whickers are comprised of three annual awards: the Film & TV Funding Award; the Radio and Audio Funding Award; and the Documentary Audio Recognition Award.

The Whickers were established in 2015 to fund and recognise original and innovative documentary.

We seek to use the generous legacy of our namesake, pioneering broadcaster Alan Whicker, to support emerging film and audio documentary-makers. We believe the Whickers Film and TV Funding Award is one of the most significant documentary awards in the world.


  • Story-teller with demonstrably strong interviewing skills.
  • Demonstrates passion for the subject whilst retaining fair-mindedness.
  • Demonstrates a real sense of independence.
  • Personal but not partisan.
  • Wry humour welcome.
  • Unique access to engaging characters in unusual or inaccessible locations.
  • Allows contributor’s story to emerge in their own words.
  • Demonstrates a flair for coaxing the human spirit into revealing itself.
  • The author demonstrates intimacy with but does not overshadow the subject.
  • Spirit of inquisitiveness that leaves viewers wanting more.
  • Tells us about something new and unexpected about the world.
*See full list of criteria and guidelines on our website.

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