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by Scott

The question alone was enough to make me, at least, watch the opening of this documentary. For me, this is a question and subject that give me endless fascination. But my reasons for watching are not interesting to you.

Hosted by Robert Beckford, who did a good job of coming at a personal subject with a rational mindset and, who I learned after a Google, has written and been involved in a number of films on this and other Christian subjects, Who Wrote the Bible attempts to trace the timeline of events, the writers, the editors and the political climate that history reveals to us as the Bible came into being.

This film is one of the most rational and level-headed reviews of this subject that I have seen. But don't expect lots of special effects and beautifully lit interviews. Who Wrote the Bible is, like most documentaries, a low-budget endeavor. But that is alright by me since the reason I watch documentaries is to learn, not to be impressed with video technology. Although, I do like cool effects and graphics, but they can sometimes be a crutch to hold up a weak story line. But I digress.

If the question posed by this film interests you, watch it.


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Apr 17, 2016
Read General Introduction to the Bible for Christian version
by: Anonymous

All the people involved in this documentary should first read A General Introduction to the Bible By: Norman L. Geisler, William E. Nix.

Anyone who studies the Bible with an open heart and mind quickly understands that the scriptures are from God. It is not wise to mislead God's children, as this documentary does.

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