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Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the Desktop Documentaries Affiliate Program.

We partner with a few select top tier film websites using a revenue sharing model for our documentary filmmaking courses.

About the Affiliate Program

Desktop Documentaries offers a series of courses, templates & tutorials that are sold individually or as a package which you can view in our Documentary Learning Center:

Courses include:

  • 7-Day Documentary Crash Course
  • Selling To Netflix and The Streamers
  • Ultimate Distribution Guide For Documentary Filmmakers: Sell to Netflix, HBO and More!
  • Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit
  • Documentary Fundraising 101 Course
  • Documentary Proposal and Pitch Deck Template Pack
  • Documentary Budget Template Pack
  • Documentary Budget Samples Pack
  • Documentary Going Rates Handbook/Pricing Sheet
  • Documentary Storytelling & Scriptwriting Masterclass
  • Documentary Budgeting Masterclass
  • Documentary Legal Forms & Contracts [Starter Pack]
  • Documentary Legal Forms & Contracts [Post Production]
  • Documentary Legal and Business Essentials
  • Documentary Legal Tool Kit

These are highly rated filmmaking courses that are consistently well reviewed.

Desktop Documentaries offers the following commissions structure:

  • Affiliates receive a 50% commission per sale for individual courses and bundles.

View all courses, templates and bundles here.

*Please note: Instructor Consulting/Mentoring Services not included in affiliate program.

How It Works

We use the Thinkific platform to manage our courses and products. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account.


Once you have created your account, please contact us to join our affiliate program.

Pre-approval is required of our affiliates to insure high quality partners. 

Once you are approved, all you need to do is log into your affiliate account and put some of the graphics, links and text on your site. The system will provide your specific link directly to Desktop Documentaries and track all sales.

The affiliate cookie is good for 30-days. In addition, if someone purchases with your affiliate link during those first 30-days, they are your customer forever. Meaning, if they purchase again after that initial 30-day period you'll get credit for the sale. 

Your affiliate cookie applies to ANY product sold (not just the course you promoted).

Why 30 Days?

The 30-day cookie policy is in benefit to all our affiliates. Here's a quote from Thinkific:

"For example, what if we set the cookie for 365 days. If Affiliate A promotes to her list and sends Visitor B to your site, then Affiliate C has no incentive to promote for 365 days because Affiliate A gets all the credit. Even if Visitor B has forgotten about your site and then on the 364th day come back via Affiliate C's link, credit still goes to Affiliate A. So a shorter duration is fairer to affiliates in general, especially new ones.  

The setup is a sort of best of both worlds. The initial cookie lasts 30 days, but if a customer makes a purchase within that window then the subsequent purchases go to the original affiliate (essentially making the cookie duration unlimited)."

Getting Started

We work with each affiliate individually to structure how the products will be promoted on your site, in your newsletter, or elsewhere.  However, it's YOUR endorsement that makes the difference in sales conversion.

To join our affiliate program, please Contact Desktop Documentaries with your website, contact information and suggestions for the placement on your site. 

We pay our affiliates the first week of each month for sales from two months prior (this is to provide at least a 30-day window for refunds). For example, all the sales in January will be sent out during the first 7-10 days of March.

Customer Quotes and Reviews

Please click the links below for updated quotes and reviews on our products and website that you can use in your promotions:

Contact Us

For questions, please Contact Desktop Documentaries.

Thanks again for your interest!

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