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Joins Forces with Pond5 To Support Your Filmmaking

We at Desktop Documentaries are committed to bringing you the best filmmaking tools and resources so that your dream documentary gets made.

So, we're excited to bring you something new.

Announcing our new partnership with Pond5, the world's largest video-first  marketplace for royalty-free media. We have joined forces with Pond5 to help support you in your documentary journey and to provide all the tools you need to help you succeed!

What is Pond5?

Pond5 is a massive media marketplace for royalty-free video clips, music tracks, sound effects, 3-D models, illustrations, and more!

Filmmakers love Pond5 because it’s a one stop shop.

Find that breaking news footage, that sunset timelapse, or that soundtrack to polish off your production -- all from a searchable database of a whopping 100+ million total media assets!

What kind of footage is available on Pond5?

Pond5 offers 30+ million video stock clips plus millions of royalty-free music, sounds and visual effects representing over 100,000 visual and audio artists. Each type of media is categorized by theme. Search through vintage, travel, family…even drone footage!

Exclusive Perk for the Desktop Documentaries Community - 20% Off Your First Pond5 Purchase!

We are excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Pond5 to help out the Desktop Documentaries community. If you're in need of any stock footage, sound effects, music or images, we have arranged for you to get a 20% discount off your first purchase with Pond5.

Click this link to activate your special Desktop Documentaries community discount.

How do I get started with Pond5?

For the best experience, create a free account. Then, search, filter, and save your favorite clips. When you’re ready to checkout, simply add the clips you want to your cart. There is a collection of free clips in the Public Domain section or buy individual media assets.

Looking for a specific type of footage?

Use the match tool from the search bar to upload the compositions and colors you are looking for. This tool will accept mp4, webm, jpg, gif, and png files!

Drag and drop your file and Pond5 will show you footage matched to your reference.

Where can I use footage from Pond5?

Pond5 makes it so simple. Each purchase includes a license to use the footage on any platform. YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, even Netflix and Hulu!

Use the footage for personal or business projects with worldwide distribution, forever!

10 Ways Pond5 Can Help You As a Filmmaker

1. Edit together footage from Pond5 to pitch concepts to a client before filming a promotional mini-doc.

2. Search Pond5 for any extra clips you need to complement your film.

3. Need drone footage and don’t have a drone? Skip the hassle and use drone footage from Pond5.

"Winemaking" is a great example of a concept video. Use Pond5 to make concept videos that you can use to pitch clients.

4. Find awesome templates for Adobe After Effects that will save you time when designing titles and transitions.

5. Get creative with Pond5 footage and edit together a fundraising trailer that you can share anywhere and everywhere! $

6. Sell your own footage and media on the platform!

7. Challenge yourself to create a short film using ONLY footage from Pond5!

8. Discover the perfect soundtrack to your sizzle reel.

9. Get inspired with the vast array of styles and filmmakers. All clips are free to preview!

10. Audio troubles? Recreate any missing audio using Pond5’s sound effects library.

More Short Films Made From Pond5 Footage

Go to Pond5

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