Roy W. Dean Film and Video Grants | Documentary Film Grant

by From The Heart Productions
(Oxnard, California USA)

The Roy W. Dean Film and Video Grants is managed by Carol Dean and From The Heart Productions. "I want great stories with compelling characters. We fund shorts, indies and docs that are under $500K budgets. The films must be unique and make a contribution to society," says Carol Dean.

This is an organization that truly cares about filmmakers and their success. Filmmakers who are accepted for the grant receive a cash prize and a slew of in-kind donations. The true VALUE of the grant is getting access to a nurturing support system. Carol Dean is known in the industry for her enthusiastic and heartfelt support for documentary filmmakers.

Go to the website and learn not only about how to apply for the grant (look on left side of website), but also get advice on how to "manifest" your success and lots of good free film financing tips.


If you submit your proposal for funding and get turned down, Carol will give you feedback on how to make it better.

Carol Dean is the author of the very popular book The Art of Film Funding which is packed with information about how to successfully find funding for your documentary (it mostly provides tips for documentaries, but there's good stuff in there for films of all kinds).

From the Heart Productions is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and they are able to serve as a fiscal sponsor for filmmakers. Learn more about fiscal sponsorship.

Have you applied for a Roy W. Dean Documentary grant? Any advice for filmmakers considering applying? Please comment below.

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