Suggest a list of film festival for my travel documentary

by Akash

Question: I am currently working on motorcycle expedition travel documentary and it will be ready hopefully by Jan 2012. Kindly Suggest a list of film festivals where I can participate, promote and shop (sell) my travel documentary.
Looking forward for your reply.

Desktop Documentaries: We would need to know a bit more about your documentary to give you good feedback. Are you looking for international festivals or are you only wanting to submit your film to festivals in India?

Assuming you are looking for international festivals, below are a few good ones to get you started:

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Hot Docs International Documentary Festival

Silverdocs Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival

For more information: Documentary Film Festivals

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May 06, 2012
shortlisting which film festivals should we apply to?
by: akash

I want to thank you for answering our queries and supporting on our cause. Your website is very helpful.
At this point of time I am in a better position to tell more about our documentary.
Last December 2011, I and my friend decided to quit our job for the pursuit of things we love the most, in our case it was travelling, motorcycle riding and love for film making.
We went for a 3 month long trip on our bike, two lives one bike, all set to romance the Himalayas during winters (off-season), with pennies in our pocket. We rode the bike amongst all kind of terrain, journey ended with almost 13000 kilometers of ride... incredible stories and mysterious experience, 3 months of cracked spine, but intoxicated heart and excited soul...Yet the destination is far far away.
We documented our entire journey, it was a two man crew on a bike, I have experience in the field of media, but as documentary directors this is our first appearance, with our own funding.
we made our website and Facebook page and are currently working on our film edit, though now low on funds it’s not easy, but we are grateful to our friends from media who are emerging to support us.
Our film will be ready by July 2012 (or may be before that)
Right now the real challenge we face is how to distribute our film.
Primarily shortlisting which film festivals should we apply to?
Looking forward to your reply.

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