2012-2013 Holiday Gift Guide
For Filmmakers

2012-2013 Holiday Gift Guide, Gift Ideas for Filmmakers

Photo/Video Bag

Every filmmaker needs a good bag to hold their gear. This handsome bag is the Opteka Excursion Series C500 Weatherproof Canvas Shoulder Bag. It's designed to hold both Photo and Video Cameras.

GoPro HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition Digital Camera with 8GB SD Card

This is an amazingly cool gadget. We absolutely love this camera! Creates super cool fish-eye shots. You can attach to a bike, a car, a boat, a helmet... or use it to film inside tight spaces.

Documentary Storytelling

A great gift for a new documentary filmmaker. This is a fantastic resource that covers everything you need to know about the process of creating a compelling documentary. Learn the basics of shooting, writing and editing a non-fiction film.

Shaking the Money Tree

This is a must-have item for every documentary filmmaker who is in need of funding. Considered by many the "bible" for independent noncommercial film and video fundraising. Highly recommended!

writer's hat

Classic Writer's Hat

This adjustable cap is a great gift for a writer of any kind. Made of earth-friendly RPET organic cotton. Available in black or natural from the Writer's Store.

Director's Clapboard Slate

If you're using two pieces of equipment to capture audio and video separately, you'll need a clap board to help sync it all up in editing. It's also a great way to visually "mark" each scene while you're out in the field shooting.

The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide

Got a filmmaking friend who's all talk and no action? Or maybe that's you! Give yourself a kick in the pants with this book. The title says it all. This is the fully updated version.

Light Reflector

This is a MUST-HAVE item for every documentary filmmaker or video enthusiast. You never know what kind of lighting situations you'll encounter and this handy reflector can turn an ugly amateur-looking shot into a golden and gorgeously lit scene.

Microphone Wind Muff

Don't let the wind ruin your audio. This handy furry friend can be a life saver when you need to get the shot and want to keep out unwanted wind noise.

Rocky Movie Poster

Movie posters are great fun to put up in your editing suite or dorm room as inspiration.

This Rocky poster is a classic or choose from thousands of others.

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

Ready to splurge!? You can't go wrong with the Apple MacBook Pro laptop.

Awesome for video editing on the go!

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