Desktop Documentaries All-Access Pass

What Is The Desktop Documentaries All-Access Pass?

Are you ready to start your documentary adventure with unlimited access to Desktop Documentaries' entire collection of courses, templates & trainings?

We created the Desktop Documentaries All-Access Pass for filmmakers like you to have a one-stop shop online learning experience that is 100-percent focused on helping you start, create and successfully distribute your documentary.

Interested in learning more? We've got you covered:

About The All-Access Pass

The All-Access Pass is the best single source for documentary learning, giving you unlimited access to our extensive library of courses, templates and resources.

All-Access Pass holders have full access to everything in our documentary learning center, including live Q&A's with instructors, Netflix & Distribution databases, downloadable PDFs & templates, step-by-step tutorials, audio & video recordings, case studies and more! 

Who Is The All-Access Pass For?

The All-Access Pass is for anyone looking to invest in their documentary filmmaking learning.

  • Newbie Filmmakers. We serve first-time filmmakers who are just getting started.

  • Advanced Filmmakers. We help professional and advanced filmmakers who are looking to take their craft to the next level.

What's Included In The All-Access Pass?

The All-Access Pass gives you unlimited access to the entire Desktop Documentaries Learning Center.

You can attend live Q&A webinars, watch on-demand courses, download educational material, search our Netflix & film distribution databases and more.

See everything the All-Access Pass has to offer below:

How Desktop Documentaries Can Help You

Our All-Access Pass gives you unlimited access to: 

  • Professional-level online courses with training across all areas of the documentary filmmaking process, with courses for both newbies and intermediate skill levels.

  • Live Q&A's with Instructors. We work with Oscar and award-winning filmmakers who will personally guide you through the course content.

  • Netflix and Distribution Databases. You get access to two interactive databases containing 1000+ listings of Netflix producers, film buyers and sales agents. 

  • Downloadable Assets. PDFs, Templates, Script Samples, Pitch Decks, Check-Lists, Reports, Deliverables, Legal Contracts and many other assets to help you during the various stages of production.

  • 50+ Documentary Case Studies - Get inside strategies & data from more than fifty award-winning documentaries, unscripted & reality series projects.

  • Access to ALL recorded webinars & trainings - If you miss any of the live Q&As or trainings, get instant access to all recordings located inside the instructor's classes.

  • Legal Advice and Live Legal Q&A's - This item ALONE is worth the cost of the All-Access Pass! Get a chance to ask a top Entertainmnet Attorney YOUR legal questions live.

  • Our next-generation Learning Platform so you can easily manage and navigate your personal training.

  • Whether you're just starting out, expanding your filmmaking skills, or simply want to feel more confident making documentaries, the Desktop Documentaries All-Access Pass will help you reach your filmmaking goals. 

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