A Filmmaker's Gratitude

filmmaker's gratitude check-list

As we pause together during this season of gratitude, here are 20 things we can all be grateful for as we head toward 2022.

Filmmaker's Gratitude Check-List

  1. Grateful for curiosity

  2. Grateful for friends and family

  3. Grateful that filmmaking gear is now more affordable than ever!

  4. Grateful for the generosity of the documentary community

  5. Grateful for the funders and investors who support our projects

  6. Grateful to the IDA, D-Word and all the other amazing documentary forums and organizations supporting filmmakers!

  7. Grateful for the kindness of strangers

  8. Grateful for analytical and problem solving skills

  9. Grateful for the musicians who make our films come alive

  10. Grateful for the scriptwriters who help craft our narratives

  11. Grateful for the cinematographers who capture our amazing stories

  12. Grateful for the audio techs who make us sound great

  13. Grateful for the video editors who make magic from their keyboards

  14. Grateful for the distributors/channels/networks who market our films and help us find our audience

  15. Grateful for film festivals and other industry events that bring us together

  16. Grateful for B&H and all the other filmmaking equipment sites that help answer all our gear questions.

  17. Grateful for the video editing software companies who make it possible for us to craft and create our films!

  18. Grateful for the people who trust us and bravely share their stories with us.

  19. Grateful for film schools and documentary instructors & mentors who help show us the way

  20. Grateful to the ACADEMY for my future Oscar. ;-)

What are YOU grateful for?

Did we miss anything? Please add below YOUR list of things that YOU are grateful for.

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