How Do I Prepare A Sales Pitch For A Documentary?

by Jihan Achkar

Filmmaker Question: I want to sell a documentary movie that won awards to Arabic TV stations. How do I present it, what questions should I ask and how much do I charge for it?

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Answer: Have you considered contacting a sales agent? These people already have relationships with various television outlets. They will know how much your film is worth and can negotiate deals for you. You pay these agents a percentage of the sale -- usually about 10%, or 15% if they are a lawyer.

So how do you find a sales agent?

Very simply, ask around. Call up other documentary filmmakers who's films have sold to the networks and streamers you want to approach. Ask them how they did it.

You could even contact the Channel or Streamer and ask them to share with you their guidelines on how they choose programs.. or to recommend sales agents that they have relationships with.

Find a sales agent for Netflix.

It's important to interview several agents and make sure you choose someone who seems to truly care about your project. Find a law firm that specializes in entertainment.

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The below resources are highly recommended to learn more about the distribution process and how to sell your film:

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