Selling To Netflix 2024

Selling Your Documentary To Netflix and the Streamers 2024

Finding A Sales Agent For Netflix

Getting a sales agent to pitch your documentary to Netflix can significantly increase your chances of getting your film or series accepted for distribution on the popular streaming platform.

Here are 7 steps you can follow to find a sales agent and pitch your documentary to Netflix:

1. Research and Identify Potential Sales Agents

Look for agents or agencies that have experience representing documentaries similar to your film and who have a track record of success in getting documentaries placed on streaming platforms like Netflix.

Search online databases, attend industry events, and ask for referrals from fellow filmmakers or industry contacts.

You may also want to enroll in our Selling to Netflix course and access the 250+ Sales Agent Database included inside the course. You also get access to the 900+ Netflix Database as an additional research tool to quickly & easily search producers/companies/agents who represent Netflix docs.

2. Prepare Your Documentary For Pitching

Make sure you have a compelling sizzle reel fully completed and polished before you start pitching it.

This includes having any necessary rights and clearances for music, footage, or other copyrighted material you plan to use in your documentary.

In addition to the sizzle reel, your documentary pitch package should include a synopsis, logline and any relevant career highlights, press or accolades.

3. Develop a Pitch Strategy

Create a pitch strategy that outlines your goals and approach for pitching your documentary to Netflix.

This includes identifying why your documentary would be a good fit for Netflix's audience and platform, understanding the current documentary trends on Netflix, and identifying key selling points that make your documentary unique and appealing to viewers.

4. Contact Potential Agents

Once you have identified potential documentary agents, reach out to them with a personalized and professional pitch.

Send them your pitch package, including your documentary synopsis, logline, trailer, and any other relevant materials. Highlight your documentary's unique selling points and why you believe it would be a good fit for Netflix. You can access email/letter templates to send to sales agents and other executives inside our Selling To Netflix course.

Be sure to follow the agent's submission guidelines and provide any additional information they may request.

5. Follow Up and Be Persistent

Agents receive numerous pitches and may not respond immediately. Follow up with a polite and professional email or phone call to inquire about the status of your pitch.

Be persistent but not pushy, and be prepared to wait as the process can take time.

6. Be Prepared for Rejections

Rejections are part of the pitching process, and it's important to be prepared for them.

If a sales agent declines to represent your documentary, don't be discouraged.

Keep refining your pitch and consider reaching out to other potential agents or exploring other distribution opportunities.

7. Negotiate the Agent's Representation

If an agent expresses interest in representing your documentary, be prepared to negotiate the terms of the representation agreement.

This may include discussing the agent's commission, contract duration, and any other terms or expectations.

It's important to fully understand the representation agreement and seek legal advice if necessary before signing any contracts.

Other Options for Selling Your Film

Remember, getting an agent to pitch your documentary to Netflix is just one avenue for distribution.

There are other platforms and distribution channels that may be interested in your documentary as well. Click here to learn more about who buys documentaries.

Be proactive, do your research, and be persistent in your efforts to get your documentary out into the world.

Again, our Selling to Netflix course is a great resource for understanding the best practices for pitching to Netflix as well as to other streamers and networks.

Good luck!

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