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What Is Fair Use?

Filmmaker Question:

Hi Gordon. Can you give a clear outline of what denotes "Fair Use" when using news footage and news photos for your documentary?



Answer | Entertainment Attorney, Gordon Firemark

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for your question. I understand you're looking for some guidance regarding what denotes "Fair Use" when using news footage and news photos in a documentary.

Unfortunately, there is no clear outline or guideline because the law specifically states that there are no "rules of thumb" for fair use.

Each use has to be analyzed separately, standing alone.

The analysis must be performed using the 4-factor balancing test, and no single factor is dispositive of the issue.

To recap, the 4 factors are:

1. Purpose & Character of the alleged infringing use.

2. Amount and Substantiality of the portion taken from the copyrighted work.

3. Nature of the original work, and how transformative the new work is.

4. The effect or impact on the market for the original.

It's also important to remember that Fair Use is a defense, not an exception, so if the copyright owner believes your use is infringing, they will sue, and only then do you get to argue the case (at significant expense).

That's why I almost always recommend against relying on fair use, and obtaining proper permission / licenses if it's at all possible.

I’ve prepared a handy Fair Use Quick Reference Guide that you can download for free.

Just visit, provide your email address, and it's yours.

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