Desktop Documentaries Chosen
As A Top 5 Website For
Amateur Filmmakers

We are excited to announce that Desktop Documentaries is listed as one of the BEST websites for amateur filmmakers on VeryBestSites.com.

According to the site's review: “Desktop Documentaries is loaded with great advice for putting together your own documentary, but the practical tips offered here may be put to good use for any video project.”

Desktop Documentaries' publisher Faith Fuller says the listing on VeryBestSites.com was a total surprise. “I just happen to look at our analytics report and saw that we had a link from the verybestsites website. So I followed the link and there we were, listed as one of the top sites! We are truly honored.”

The review of Desktop Documentaries went on to say: “This site not only covers the nuts and bolts of filminglightingcapturing audio, and editing; it also features information on how to raise money for your projecthow to write a script, and how to seek distribution for your finished project. Even if you don’t plan on marketing your films, you will benefit from the recommendations offered at Desktop Documentaries.”

According to the VeryBestSites website, all of their posts are “written from a true journalistic perspective” with all of the information “posted organically, with no prompting from outside influences and without payment from the sites that are included.” Desktop Documentaries confirms absolutely no involvement in this posting.

To see the full review of Desktop Documentaries and our listing as a top website for amateur filmmakers, visit:


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