Idea Development


Hi Filmmaker! Where To Start?

Looking for help developing your documentary idea?

Are you stuck, not sure what to do next?

Wondering if your idea is compelling enough to move forward or if there's an audience for your film?

These are all great questions!

To help get you started, here are a few resources:

Documentary Idea Development - BEST Resources

150+ FREE Documentary Ideas - This is a great place to start to get the creative juices flowing. Browse through dozens of ideas submitted by visitors of this site. Includes tips for brainstorming your own documentary ideas!

Find, Pitch & Sell Winning Documentary Ideas (Mini-Course) - Learn from Peabody-winning producer Tom Jennings how to generate marketable documentary ideas.

Documentary Starter Kit (FREE Mini-Course) - If you're a complete beginner and starting from scratch, this free mini-course will guide you through a list of fantastic ideas. You'll also find a pre-production check-list and a gear starter kit!

7-Day Documentary Crash Course - The entire first section of this course is dedicated to helping you develop your documentary idea. And bonus, through this course, you'll learn the entire documentary making process A-Z!

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7 Day Documentary Crash Course

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