Stop Motion Videos

One of the coolest filmmaking techniques in use today!

Stop motion videos can add great flare to your documentary project.

Stop motion (or stop action) refers to a filmmaking technique where an object is photographed one frame at a time as it is placed in a different spot.

When all the photographs are shown together very fast, it appears as though the object is moving on it’s own.

The effect creates a very unique and surreal moving picture. The filmmakers of the hit documentary King Corn brilliantly used this effect using individual kernels of corn.

It's a painstakingly slow process and requires tons of patience. But if you stick with it, you can end up with stunning and fascinating results. 

Check out these videos!


Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion

Human Skateboard

Chess Clay Stop Motion

How Did They Do That!?

Creating stop motion is a fairly straightforward process, but can take quite a bit of time to implement depending on the complexity of the film. 

In this tutorial below, filmmaker Griffin Hammond goes step-by-step how he made his video "Love Avocado."  Thanks Griffin! 

The Making of "Love Avocado" (stop motion tutorial)

"Love Avocado" (final)

And here's the final "Love Avocado" video which, according to Griffin's YouTube page was his first attempt at stop motion and won the "Most Original" award in the 2010 Avodisiac Video Contest. 

He says the video contains more than 500 photos, each shot individually with a Sony a200 DSLR.

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