What is the BEST Camera for Video

What is the BEST Camera for Video?
Comparing smartphone, compact, DSLR, and Cinema camera video

Learn How To Make A Documentary

Buying a camera can be daunting. So many choices have to be made based on where your film will be seen, how you plan to edit your film, how much (and what types of) flexibility you need from your camera, whether or not you want to record sound directly to video, not to mention the budget you are living under.

If you're just getting started and are wondering if your smartphone is good enough to use as your camera (hint: it is) then this video from Surfaced Studios is for you.

In this video four camera types are covered. Through charts and graphs and a few geek-driven insights you can learn what each type of camera offers (and doesn't offer).

You'll learn why professionals with big budgets use camera set-ups that cost over $100,000.

You'll also learn why you probably don't need to spend that kind of money to capture great video.

4 Types of Cameras Covered

There are a lot of cameras to choose from. But for this video specific brands and models are not covered.

What is covered are four camera genres: smartphones, compact cameras, DSLR/Mirrorless, and Cinema cameras. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. This is true with all cameras. And cars for that matter. Cats too. 

What drives your decision to buy a camera? What kind of video do you want to shoot? Do you want to do interviews? Do you want to cover live breaking events? Do you have time to edit? Do you know how to edit video? There are a lot of ways to use video. What is your intention and what is your skill level?

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