Documentary Production 101
Basics Of Making A Documentary
(Audio Series)

Jilann Spitzmiller and Hank Rogerson

If you've been keeping up with our blog, you'll know that Desktop Documentaries has partnered with award-winning documentary filmmakers and teachers Jilann Spitzmiller and Hank Rogerson (aka Documentors) who run a “how-to” documentary website called DocumentaryHowTo.com.

Their work has showcased at the Sundance Film Festival, won numerous awards and been broadcast worldwide on networks including the BBC, A&E, PBS, Discovery, Sundance Channel, Bravo, NBC and VH1.

We are fortunate to have a recording of a two-day seminar Jilann conducted called “Documentary Producing 101” which covers all the nuts and bolts of producing a documentary.

The two day seminar is condensed down into a 4-hour, 5-part series. I listened to the entire series and it is excellent. I felt as if I was getting my own personal consulting session! There is tons of detail covering everything you need to know about producing a documentary from developing your documentary idea to fundraising to distribution. Jilann is easy to listen to, extremely knowledgeable and gives lots of real world examples from their two award-winning documentaries, SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS and HOMELAND.

A seminar like this would normally cost hundreds of dollars, not including travel costs. It's like a mini-masters course in Documentary Filmmaking! You can either spend years learning the hard way or get a jump start and benefit from the hard-learned lessons of someone with 20-years experience.

The entire audio series can be purchased together (recommended), or each module can be purchased separately. The series is available at the DocumentaryHowTo.com website.

Documentary Production 101:
5-Part Audio Series

Documentary Production 101: 5-Part Audio Series

Learn the basics of making a documentary from award-winning filmmaker Jilann Spitzmiller in this 4-hour audio series packed with real-world lessons, tips and advice.

It's like a documentary producing mini-masters course! You can buy each module separately or all together.

The five-parts include:

  • Develop Your Documentary Ideas (39:00)
  • Documentary Fundraising (47:00)
  • Producing a Shoot (41:20)
  • Documentary Post Production (38:00)
  • Festivals and Distribution (38:00)

PURCHASE! Doc Production 101 | 5-Part Audio Series -- $127 
(Clicking this link will redirect you to DocumentaryHowTo.com where you can access the full series or individual modules)

Part 1: Developing Documentary Ideas

Develop Your Documentary Ideas

Learn how to fully develop your film's concept and get your documentary off the ground.

How To Get And Develop Documentary Ideas
- $27.00

Order Now from DocumentaryHowTo.com

Part 2: Fundraising

Documentary Production 101: Fundraising

Learn how Jilann and Hank raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for their documentary projects and how you can too.

Documentary Fundraising
- $27.00

Order Now from DocumentaryHowTo.com

Part 3: Producing A Shoot

Documentary Production 101: Producing A Shoot

This course takes you step by step on what it takes to oversee a successful shoot.

Producing a Documentary Shoot
- $27.00

Order Now from DocumentaryHowTo.com

Part 4: Post-Production

Documentary Production 101: Post-Production

Learn how to navigate the critical final steps in the documentary filmmaking process.

Documentary Post-Production
- $27.00

Order Now from DocumentaryHowTo.com

Part 5: Festivals and Distribution

Documentary Production 101: Festivals & Distribution

Your film is completed, now what? Learn how to find an audience and get distribution deals.

Film Festivals and Distribution
- $27.00

Order Now from DocumentaryHowTo.com

Big Savings

SAVE $48 when you order the entire 5-part audio series together.

Documentary Production 101 | 5-Part Audio Series -- $127 
(Clicking this link will redirect you to the DocumentaryHowTo.com Store where you can access the full series or individual modules)

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