How do I make a documentary about HIV/AIDS?

by Hilary August

Comment or Question: Hi, I'm a 23 years old man from and aspiring film maker from tanzania in east africa. Im a college student. I wanna start my project after the end of this semester...

My project is mainly dealing with the HIVand AIDS, about certain hiv positive individuals i have been attending (as i have been working on various HIV related issues as a volunteer). My big concern is how will I get a genaral knowledge so as to start the whole thing?

Secondly financially im not that good and how i can be able to secure people who will sponsor my project??

The last but not least is the fact on how i will show my product...i mean to make it something that will benefit at least a little from it and who will be my audience?

Please give me an advice on these issues.thanx...hope to hear from you.

Desktop Documentaries Answer

Hello, Hilary. To make a documentary about HIV/AIDS can be as simple or complicated as you'd like to make it. The first thing you need to do is find a video camera (or really any kind of camera). Start filming your subjects. Follow them wherever they go and interview them on camera about their lives.

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Next, you will take the footage you shoot and edit it together using video editing software on your computer.

Here's a great link that takes you step-by-step on HOW TO MAKE A DOCUMENTARY.

Here's more links to information that can help guide you in the process of making a documentary.

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