Basics of Making a Documentary | Production 101

Do you know the basics of making a documentary
and everything that's involved?

Many first time documentary filmmakers make the mistake believing that making a documentary is only about the creative process.

That's certainly a big part of it.

Assuming you are both the producer AND the director, I would say that the actual “making of the documentary” is only about 50% of the process. The other half of the process involves things like fundraising, buying/renting equipment, writing proposals, distribution, website development, film festivals, public relations, etc.

Of course, if you are only making a small film for yourself, then sure, you can enjoy a pure creative process. But if you have hopes of having your film widely seen and sold, then there are numerous factors you will need to consider.

Documentary Production 101:
The Basics of Making a Documentary

Here are the main stages of documentary production:

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It's fun learning the basics of making a documentary!

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